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Third-Party IWB Software

CBI Interactive Whiteboard Project - DEC, ICS, CESI

(In case you arrive at this page via an Internet Search, click here to get to the CBI Project Homepage)


Where can we buy Third-Party Software that is written for a CBI? ...or software that will run on any computer but which has 'added value' when used on a CBI?


With the support of RM and their Westport-based agent EdTech (contact Liam McReamonn, 098 64886,, we used Easyteach cross-platform software. Prices from the EdTech website with links to each of the titles at,20062 Read more about Easiteach at

With the support of DayDream Education ( and their Sligo-based agent Sligo Graph (contact Karl Demmel, 071 9142044,, the project teachers are investigating the use of Interactive Whiteboard Charts. These started as static Wallcharts (which are also sold and which complement the interactive sets - further, wallcharts keep that visible presence on the classroom walls). Visit the DayDream site to download a number of free interactive samples. The CBI Teachers are using:

  • Science (Euro 459)
  • English (Euro 459)
  • Physics (Euro 179)
  • Biology (Euro 239) the Biology review
  • Chemistry (Euro 149) the Chemistry review
  • Primary ICT (Euro 189)
  • ICT (Euro 429)
  • Primary Maths (Euro 329) the Primary Maths review
  • Maths (Euro 459) the Maths review
  • Music (Euro 279 - also included Music History) the Music review
  • Music History (Euro 99)
  • Religious Education (Euro 189)
  • prices above from SligoGraph include Delivery and VAT

With the support of NCTE, two of our schools are using Interactive Geometry software, called Euklid

Be aware that in order to meet Public-Sector Purchasing Guidelines, you should get at least three written quotations for any purchase over Euro 635 (and, in addition, a Tax-Clearance Certificate for any purchase over Euro 6350)

N.B. Please note that any prices mentioned here are for guideline purposes only - you must approach a retailer and seek specific pricing for your school/college. Prices vary from time to time, individual resellers can quote very different prices, and this page is only a very 'rule of thumb' guide. I have seen price differences of Euro 600 on the same board, so please shop around, ask the Resellers, and get Quotations...E&OE. Reference to Companies on this site is as an information-service, rather than a specific endorsement.


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