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CBI Interactive Whiteboard Project - DEC, ICS, CESI

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MiTouch Resources:

You must have MiTouch Interactive Software on your computer in order to be able to use these files.

Note that MiTouch can also open

  • PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), PDF (.pdf), Documents (.doc, .docx)- in all casess each page/slide as an Image for Annotation ...but these are not the main focus of this CBIproject site

The following are our .riostudio (MiTouch) files ...

  • An Aimsir An Aimsir: Réamhaisnéis na hAimsire: Geography for Third to Sixth Classes; Natural Environments - Weather, Climate and Atmosphere. Using common meteorological symbols. AnAimsirDK.riostudio (1200 KB)
  • FoodPyramid.JPG The Food Pyramid: SPHE for First to Sixth Classes; Myself - Taking care of my body. FoodPyramidDK.riostudio (1900 KB)
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