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CBI Design and Updates

10 May 2017

  • I have expanded the 'Lynx' page to now include the newer member of the Sahara family of software, CleverMaths: lynx.html

6 Feb 2017

  • I have created a page and some starter files for the MiTouch system: mitouch.html

5 Nov 2016

30 April 2016

  • I have created some more files for the Cleverlynx (Clevertouch) system: lynx.html

19 Feb 2016

  • I have created an 'Easter1916' resource file for interactive whiteboards. The file is available in a number of formats: I have gathered all of these together on this one page... Easter1916.html

18 Jan 2016

  • I have updated the former 'lynx' page to now include resources for the new version CleverLynx, as well resources for the other programs provided as part of the CleverTouch package. Visit lynx.html

8 Dec 2015

11 Nov 2015

13 Oct 2015:

5 June 2015:

  • I have tidied up the 'Irish Research' page, having updated or removed the links. I don't imagine there is as much interest in research in IWBs as there once was (i.e.five years ago!) but I suspect the findings concerning whatever the 'latest ICT device' is are comparable i.e. the need to emphasise teacher professional development, the need to integrate with the curriculum, the focus on learning as well as on teaching etc. So dip into the page at research-on-use-of-cbis---ireland.html

6 May 2015:

5 March 2015:

24 Oct 2014:

  • I have added a page of resources for the Epson Brightlink projector, using their EIT Version 3.05 software, at epson---ireland.html

30 Aug 2014:

  • Yes, it's been a while. Funny enough, I have been doing lots of IWB Training in schools so I suspect that IWBs are still a popular purchasing item for schools (we may even be at the board replacement stage now!). Just this week I have reorganised and added new content to the page for interwrite-ireland.html

19 Jan 2013:

  • For SMART Notebook, I have created six files for Pre-School and/or Junior Infants ...and a file for Congruent Triangles ...at smart_-_ireland.html

14 Jan 2013:

4 Jan 2013:

  • I have inserted some notes from a David O'Grady presentation in 2010 ...into the Ireland-Research Page. A Direct link to the resource is DOGrady_LiteratureReview2010.pdf

2 Jan 2013:

  • I have updated the appearance of the site using a new version of Website X5 so please bear with me while I attend to the errors!

11 Sept 2012:

5 Sept 2012:

1 Sept 2012:

9 July 2012:

25 June 2012:

21 June 2012:

16 March 2012:
Chun tacaíocht a thabhairt do 'Seachtain na Gaeilge' ...I have created a Shapes/Cruthanna resource for the IQBoard: see

24 February 2012:

  • I have been looking at a number of Online IWB platforms and I tell the story at onlineiwbs.html

6 December 2011:

  • Some Boards/Projectors in schools offer limited IWB software functionality. For these, I have suggested that Office (PowerPoint) may be a platfrom: see office_asiwb.html

30 November 2011:

  • I note that ActivInspire (1.6) now supports .iwb format so - following Google's Doodle lead for today - I have ported the Huckleberry Finn file from Easiteach over to Inspire: ActivInspireStudio---ireland.html

5 November 2011:

  • I have created 12 files (Post Primary) for use with RM's Easiteach Next Generation on easiteach---ireland.html (scroll to the bottom of the page). I have also shared these same files in .iwb format on cff---ireland.html

3 November 2011:

2 November 2011:

28 September 2011:

  • I have redesigned - and created new files - for Promethean second-level classrooms. These 29 resources use the Promethean Inspire (and/or older 'Studio') software and are located on the page ActivInspireStudio---ireland.html

23 September 2011:

  • I have redesigned - and created new files - for the Hitachi Starboard page: see cambridge-hitachi_-_ireland.htm. There are now 16 files for Post-Primary, to join the 14 for Primary

16 September 2011:

14 September 2011:

  • On the SMART page, files previously saved as .xbk are now also available in .notebook format ...so access (to the 156 files) is now provided to Mimio and ActivInspire ...visit smart_-_ireland.html

5 September 2011:

  • I have spent some time recreating many (140 of the 149 to be exact!) of the Promethean files in dual (.flp and .flipchart) format ...so that the former are still accessible to SMART while the latter can be opened by MimioStudio users: visit ActivInspirePrimary_-_ireland.html ...this page now also contains what had been the separate ActivInspire content

27 June 2011:

22 June 2011:

16 May 2011:

28 April 2011:

28 March 2011:

9 February 2011:

  • I have created a page of resources, with the help of the Teachers in Gardiner Street, for the Traceboard ...these are to be found on tracebook---ireland.html

28 November 2010:
Another update on IWB statistics - IWBs now feature in (at least) 54% of schools: see research_on_use_of_cbis_-_ireland.html

11 November 2010:

2 November 2010:

14 October 2010:

30 August 2010:

  • Some lovely contributions from the staff of Scoil Bhride, Clane ...done as part of their Kildare Education Centre/NCTE Summer Course. These are to be found on smart_-_ireland.html

17 June 2010:

  • I have redesigned the Resources-Introduction page as not all of the links were visible: see resources-intro

15 April 2010:

  • I have created and uploaded a set of lessons to use with Starboard Cambridge-Hitachi system. These files are suitable for use in a Primary classroom. See cambridge-hitachi_-_ireland.htm

23 March 2010:

  • I have created and uploaded a series of lessons for second-level classrooms. These resources use the Promethean Inspire software and are located on the page ActivInspireStudio---ireland.html

23 Feb 2010:
Over the last couple of weeks I have made some changes

7 Dec 2009:

28 Nov 2009:

  • I have added some more of my flipcharts (for Irish Counties, German, Percentages, Science, Caitheamh Aimsire and Time) and have tidied up the ActivPrimary page. As Inspire is not (yet?) backwards compatible, I tend to create the flipcharts in the older ActivPrimary ...as this is where the majority audience still are. Note the time to get the free update runs out in the next month! Be aware that these (older 'flp') can also be opened in SMART, and (both the new 'flipchart' and the old 'flp') with the free Flipchart Viewer. Meanwhile, visit ActivInspirePrimary_-_ireland.html

22 Nov 2009:
While Promethean have had their Personal version of ActivInspire for some time now (see http://www.prometheanplanet.com/server.php?show=nav.19251 ....you will be asked to Register when you try to download) ...I note that SMART now also have their free Notebook Express (beta version) ...visit
http://express.smarttech.com/#. SMART's solution is web-based i.e. you do not install any software, you just access the application via the web ...no registration needed.

  • I have endeavoured to keep track of IWB prices - not an easy task since the 'changes over the Summer': visit  LegacyBoard_systems.html

30 Sept 2009:

  • I have created a new page for Promethean ActivInspire resources: ...update: this is now (as of Jan 2013) part of ActivInspirePrimary and ActivInspireStudio pages

  • It was hard work for me (who is tone deaf!) but I have created a resource for ActivPrimary: Music for Third to Sixth Class: MusicEducationDK.flp (a large 2 MB file)
  • I have also changed the design of the Homepage, and of the Resource Introduction page.

26 Sept 2009:

18 July 2009:

7 July 2009:

30 June 2009:

  • I have checked the links of the resources_-_ireland.html  page, and I have uploaded to it a simple "five sums" application (for all boards/pcs)

29 June 2009:

28 June 2009:

  • I have added Teachnet.ie to the list of Cross-Platform, Interactive Websites useful for ICT in Irish classrooms

6 June 2009:

25 May 2009:

10 May 2009:

29 March 2009:

28 March 2009:

  • I have inserted a section regarding the WIImote whiteboard system in the Purchasing page at board_systems.html

19 March 2009:

  • With the support of Drumcondra Education Centre (DEC), we are undertaking an online survey of IWBs (CBIs) in 'Northside' schools. DEC has emailed the individual schools (as of today). If you have not received this email by early next week (for example, if your school was not on the DEC emailing list), you may undertake the survey at iwbsurvey.html. Thank you for your assistance with this work.

  • I have added wpclipart.com to the list of ClipArt resources on clipart.html (thank you, Ban, for the tip)

15 March 2009:

13 March 2009:

  • I have created a new page of Clip Art links (for possible use in your CBI files) at clipart.html

  • I have updated some commercial links (to include the TouchIT board) on board_systems.html

12 March 2009:

10 March 2009:

8 March 2009:

  • I have updated a list of prices for CBI systems (bear in mind that I am not a Reseller and perhaps do not have the exact up-to-date prices!) ...see LegacyBoard_systems.html

13 February 2009:

3 February 2009:

20 January 2009:

  • I have gathered together from this website all of the Gaeilge Resources onto one page at GaeilgeResources.html

18 January 2009:

  • Having visited BETT2009, I have collected and shared information about the updates to CBI hardware and software on bett2009.html

11 January 2009:

13 December 2008:

9 October 2008:

7 October 2008:

  • I have uploaded a set of mostly Language resources for the Cambridge-Hitachi board at cambridge-hitachi_-_ireland.htm (thanks to EBF for these)

  • I have uploaded a set of resources for SMART at smart_-_ireland.html  ...look for the 'gaeilge' link (thanks to Scoil Neasáin for these)

  • There seems to be technical problem with the recent SMART uploads - I'll have a further look at these.

  • For those of you who would like to share whiteboard resources through this site, I have created a Guide at howtocontribute.html

6 October 2008:

  • "An Cearrbhach Mac Cába.notebook" (LC Gaeilge) added to the SMART page at smart_-_ireland.html

  • I have uploaded a group of Learning Support resources to the new Polyvision page at polyvision_-_ireland.html (thanks to MH for these)

1st October 2008:

  • I  have created a resource for the Egan Teamboard (which uses its own Draw software) ...visit teamboard_-_ireland.html to access the resource

12 September 2008:

  • I have provided a page of ideas and resources for use in a Learning Support classroom. This page is available at sen-learning_support.html This was part of a presentation to the ILSA Conference

21 June 2008:

  • The Department of Education has decided not to provide funding for the ICT Advisory Service from 1st Sept 2008. As a result, I am not funded for supporting this website (nor for other Advisory activities). However, Drumcondra Education Centre will endeavour to maintain this website.

13 November 2007:

  • As of today, Fusion Technology are no longer acting as distributor/reseller of SMART Boards. Stelljes Ireland have taken over this function, and their contact details are available at http://www.smartboard.ie/

6 November 2007:

  • I have added a link to Scoil Barra's Whiteboard pictures on the Gallery page: images.html

  • I have added the www.smartboard.ie link to the Purchasing page at board_systems.html

  • I have added a new page with advice on working with third-party applications: third-party_resources.html

23 October 2007:

  • A file for Leaving Cert Applied, using the eBeam system - thanks, David - on the eBeam Ireland Resource page: ebeam---ireland.html

22 October 2007:

  • I have updated details for Polyvision and iDW in the Purchasing page at board_systems.html

30 September 2007:

5 September 2007:

  • I have added more details for the TeamBoard, 3M and CleverBoard on the Purchasing page: board_systems.html

24 August 2007:

  • I have uploaded resources for SMART Notebook to the smart_-_ireland.html page (thanks to the teachers on our Summer Course)

23 August 2007:

  • I have added contact details for some more boards to the Purchasing page at  ...see board_systems.html ...including an important update regarding the Inspire board

22 August 2007:

  • I have uploaded a new group of Notebook resources for Senior Primary ...see the page smart_-_ireland.html. Thanks to the Teachers in St Joseph's in Fairview.

  • I have updated and provided links for board solutions: Inspire and ONfinity ...see board_systems.html

20 August 2007:

  • I have updated the guide price and contact details for the Inspire board on the 'purchasing' page LegacyBoard_systems.html

16 August 2007:

  • I have added contact details for the "iDW7800" board and some details for the "ITL Interact" board on the Purchasing page: board_systems.html

  • Promethean Planet hosts a Research section The Digital Chalkface: I have added the link to research_on_use_of_cbis_-_international.html

    I have tidied up the Training Materials page (training_materials.html)

  • On the same training page, I have separated the links to Promethean's two software systems (Activprimary and Activstudio); and I have added a link to a training guide for Interact

  • In the Irish Research page (research_on_use_of_cbis_-_ireland.html

  • ) I have added a link to a paper on the Teaching of Mathematics in Primary School

  • In the same page, I  have added some brief comments about a Post-Primary Maths class

14 August 2007:

  • I have updated the 'What are CBIs' page (what_are_cbis.html) with a link to the INTO video clips.

  • In the Research page ( research_on_use_of_cbis_-_international.html) I have abstracted material (in PDF format) from Jenny Gage's book relating to a Schema for whiteboard use ...ranging through five steps: familiarisation, utilisation, integration, reorientation and evolution.

  • On the same Research page, I have also added my own three stages: Presentation, Integration and Participation.

  • In the Practical Tips page (practical_tips.html), I provide advice on avoiding the over-tightening of the wall fixings for SMART Board.

  • Also on the Practical Tips page, I provide advice for changing screen resolution when a 'new' laptop is used with an 'older' projector.

  • I have posted the question "Which is the best whiteboard system?" on the Purchasing page (board_systems.html)

  • I have updated the link for downloading the Reader software on our Easiteach page: see easiteach---ireland.html

  • I have provided additional advice for purchasing projectors at projectors.html
  • I have updated a list of some of the interactive websites used by our Project Teachers (some of these sites are popular in non-CBI schools also) ...Primary and Post-Primary

13 August 2007:

  • I have uploaded four more ActivPrimary Flipchart files (thanks to the teachers in Donabate):

  • English for Junior and Senior  Infants JollyPhonicsReduced.flp 2831 KB. Note that this is a cut-down version of the file authored by the teachers. I was not clear about the Copyright issues. What remains illustrates the work in the original file.

  • Second Class SESE History Our Family.flp 636 KB

  • History for Third or Fourth Class The Vikings.flp 1,321 KB

  • History for Fifth or Sixth Class The Romans.flp 295 KB - this file uses a nice 'Menu' system

  • I have uploaded a SMART Notebook file Positive and Negative Numbers Resources.notebook 830 KB file. In this file, I have inserted Flash resources for Dice and Coin, alongside the interactions authored by the Teacher.

  • I have updated the list of resellers of SMART boards ...see board_systems.html#smart

  • I have included a link on the 'What are CBIs' page to the “Cool Computer Program” [or “Assist Sketch Understanding System and Operation”] from MIT. A video clip is available on YouTube (and therefore not accessible in schools) at http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=d7eGypGOlOc. This software demontrates the effect of gravity on moving objects. The board they are using seems to be an 'eBeam'.

  • Also on the 'What are CBIs' page (what_are_cbis.html), I have placed links to additional video clips that are available on YouTube and on eSchoolNews (the latter includes the debate "Whiteboards: Boon or Boondoggle?").

  • In the International Research page (research_on_use_of_cbis_-_international.html), I have noted Doug Browne's comments about improved pace of lessons,  motivation, student engagement, and teacher preparation.

  • In the 'Practical Tips' page (practical_tips.html), I have provided a link to further debate/evidence about the brightness of projectors: see http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/education/6253410.stm

24 June 2007:

  • I have updated the url link for the Interactive Teaching Projects (ITPs) in Numeracy which were posted by the UK DfES (Department for Education and Skills) at http://www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/primaryframeworks/library/Mathematics/ICTResources/itps/. Update 11 Jan 2013: Still avaialble at http://www.taw.org.uk/lic/itp. Most of the resources are available in Flash format, and also in .exe format. I particularly like 'Fractions' for teaching equivlaent fractions

23 June 2007:

17 June 2007:

9 June 2007:

8 June 2007:

7 June 2007:

7 June 2007: updates to Promethean Information ...see

2 June 2007:

2 June 2007:

  • This 'Update Page' has been added, so that you can what material is added/amended/deleted since your last visit

In May 2007, the site has been re-designed using Website X5 Evolution (see http://www.websitex5.com/en/index.html)

This website has been in existence since March 2006.

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